As I write this, the country of Belize is recovering from Hurricane Earl. The Church in Belize is not a wealthy diocese, and that is one reason why the Church depends on people like myself to help, people who are funded by SAMS, which in turn is funded by people like yourself. So, when a major storm like Earl comes by and costs about $13000 to make a rectory habitable again, the cost is really high for the congregation and the diocese. For the bigger picture:
Similar to what I have mentioned elsewhere:
The Bishop’s residence in Belize, some of the diocesan office complex, and at least two rectories that I know of were hit and suffered damage, all in Belize City near the water. One of the rectories belonged to the leading cleric of the Cathedral. Another of the rectories belonged to the Rector of St. Mary the Virgin. 
In addition to structural damage, there was also the concern about biological matter floating in the water through the streets and into homes, as well as potential for disease to spread. And while the water has subsided, unless the structural damage is repaired, especially the walls surrounding buildings, there is also a concern about potential break-ins and theft. 
I am passing along information that I asked of the diocesan office in Belize for anyone wanting to help, in response to those wishing to do something: 
Dear Fr. Shaw,
Cheques or international postal orders may be made payable to Anglican Diocese of Belize.
And mailed to Cecile Reyes or Bp. Philip Wright
Anglican Diocese of Belize
P.O.Box 535
Belize City
Belize, C. A.
I have information for wire transfers, as needed. Please pray that God would provide those who can help.
Both we and the Church in Belize depend on the generosity of people like you. Our ministry is unique, meeting unique and important needs. For us, it means becoming bi-vocational tentmakers like Paul, and yet the SAMS family is what makes it possible. Giving to us also helps SAMS. Our form of ministry is strategically more to the advantage of spreading the Gospel in a way that would not have been possible in more traditional missionary assignments. We have the flexibility to do what is needed, as needed by Bishop Philip.
Thank you for enabling us to do what Jesus has called us to do by supporting our ministry through SAMS. We and SAMS could not do it without you.
In Jesus,
Fr. Shaw, and on behalf of Mtr. Julie.
SAMS missionaries with the Diocese of Belize.
Please pray for us. And for our ministry, make checks out to: “SAMS“. Put “Shaw and Julie Mudge” in the memo. Thank you.
Mailing address:
P. O. Box 399,

Ambridge, PA 15003-0399

Diocesan Office complex, Belize City, C.A.

in the wake of
Hurricane Earl, August 2016. Photo provided by the diocesan office.