Dear Ones,

I am writing from Peru where I have been for the last three weeks.  This has been the year for Peru.  This is my fourth trip and there will be one more – in November.


When I return to Vermont on August 8 I shall have nearly four weeks left as part- time interim in Cambridge, NY.  In September I shall retire again to the back of the church where I shall enjoy the ministry of others.

This year I have visited Lima in January, March and June.  Last month we had an amazing Bible School at San Mateo school.  We simply inserted it into the daily curriculum from 10:00am – 1:00 pm.  I led the opening and closing sessions in some very iffy Spanish.  The teachers taught their own classes a bible lesson for which we had prepared them the month before.  The team from Grace Anglican Church, Fleming Island, FL, led the activities and supplied all the resources. The results have been amazing as “God showed up!”


This month I am exploring the possibilities for rebuilding two of our largest schools.  One in Lima and the other in Arequipa.  I am accompanied by an energetic young architect – Kyle Murphy.  He has established a small NGO to design and help build new community structures that serve the poor in countries such as Peru.

What has been happening in Peru?

A year ago Peru consecrated three more bishops.  Bishop Godfrey announced his retirement and departed in April for England where he is happily in charge of a historic church in Yorkshire.  Bishop Jorge Aguilar was elected and seated as Diocesan Bishop in April.  The country is now divided into missionary areas – with assistant bishops and “vicarios” in charge.  Each of these is different and looking to grow by planting churches.

My recent role has been to improve and develop the North American partnerships.  These relationships have been most effective in developing shared ministry and creating church structures that have been beyond the resources of the Peruvians.  The partner churches and Dioceses do not really know the new leadership and so new trust and confidence need to be developed.

In November I shall return to Peru, with Polly, to take the essentially British services for Remembrance Day.  There is no English speaking priest at the Cathedral, so I am filling in. This service is probably the most important in the year in the mind of the British and International community.

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Next year, I will join the non-profit “Amigos del Peru” in seeking to hold a US conference in May 2017 where the Peruvian leadership can meet their historic Episcopal/Anglican partners in ministry.  Such a meeting will require a great deal of organization—think visas, finances, and venue.  Please pray for this to happen and that the right people will be able to come.  When I return to the USA, I shall begin in earnest to work to put this together coordinating with ex-missionaries, partner parishes and Dioceses.

Please pray on with me as these are exciting times.  God is at work – bless you for sharing in this ministry through prayer and financial support.  Together we make a strong team. Ian