We are now three days past my senior recital and I’m here to tell you it was a great success!  Thank you for the many prayers both leading up to Friday and during the recital itself.  God is good!

Friday started off with seemingly every single person trying to keep my stress level low (something I greatly appreciated!).  My mother and sister drove up early to do my hair and makeup, doing a fantastic job I might add, as well as to just spending time with me praying and talking…again keeping me calm.  David was the perfect husband, helping with last minute details and even running to the store to surprise me with blueberry muffins and chocolate cupcakes.  I was still very nervous as it got closer and closer to my recital, but the prayers and support of so many people was evident throughout the whole day.

I got to the hall an hour early to warmup before they opened the doors and it was at this point that I started to get both incredibly excited and increasingly nervous.  My piano teacher (probably the most helpful and inspiring mentor for me during my time here at CSUF) waited backstage with me to encourage and boost my confidence as the hall started to fill with the (surprisingly loud) audience.  Once the recital itself actually started the time flew.  There were ups and downs, but as a whole I was very happy with the result.  Plus, there is something special about getting to share the music and work I’ve been doing in the past three years at this school with so many friends and family.  I also want to point out that I was very aware of all the prayers from people for/during my recital.  One of my biggest fears going into the performance was forgetting my music and just stopping, but while I did have a couple slips, the music kept going for the entire recital.  Once again, God is good!

After the recital was when I got to go out into to the lobby to greet all the people that came to hear me play.  It was such an encouragement and great joy to not only see so many friends and family (I even had family fly down for this!), but also to see so many of our supporters from different churches, both in the area and also from quite a ways away!

Thank you to everyone who came, it was lovely seeing all of you there!  Thank you to everyone who prayed, I could not have done this without your prayers!  Thank you to everyone who sent notes of encouragement, they helped keep me going!

This recital was the accumulation of all the work I’ve done during my time studying for my Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance at CSUF and I’m very excited for this accomplishment.  I have to say I’m also even more excited, post-recital, for the next chapter of music in my life as we continue to raise support to return to Belize where my love for music can move more into ministry role.

As I wrap this up I have one more quick prayer request.  My graduation is less than two weeks away (yay!) and there are still some paperwork issues with my transcripts.  Please pray that all the glitches workout quickly with no complications!

Thank you again for all of your prayers and support for David and me!


Mary Beth