This past week has been Holy Week according to the Ethiopian Orthodox calendar. This has also been the week that so many of us having been praying for peace in the Gambela People’s Region. As far as I am aware, there has not been one incident of violence this whole week! 


I do wish to ask that you would continue with us in prayer. The blood that has been spilled cries out for vengeance, but there is a blood that speaks better things than that of Abel – the blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am pleading for the blood of Jesus to cover the blood of those who have been senselessly killed in the past in this whole area…the violence is more than a century old going way back into the 1800’s and perhaps even further to the 1600’s when the major migrations began.
Easter celebrations could be heard all over the town…may the story of the resurrection breathe life into the hearts of those who still are consumed with thoughts of death.
We had to cancel, or rather, postpone the class on Early African Church History as we could not get the two groups together on the campus. Even though this was not what I wanted to do, we all had a sense of peace once the decision was made. Our part-time students were especially disappointed as they only get to come in twice a semester, but there was simply no way around the problem.
Again, thank you all for your prayers. I mean it when I say, we simply cannot do this work without you. Karen Salmon, Louise and I are quite tired…this has been a rather rough semester…tougher than the last one. Pray for us that the Lord will strengthen us to finish well. Rosemary Burke is in Addis and Bishop Grant and Dr Wendy are in North America. Pray for their safety especially as they travel and for open hearts and ears as they speak to various individuals and churches.
Many blessings and tons of love!
Johann and Louise