Dear Friends,
This is an update/prayer mail combination. 
1) Update: I am in Belize on my 13th trip in about 4 years. The trip this time is focusing on moving people forward in the ordination process, and I seem to be playing a central part in enabling that to happen, as Examining Chaplain and as a team member alongside the Bishop and the Commission on Ministry.
Though we have a full week ahead of us that may reveal important matters: as a result of my visit, I am anticipating ordinations to be scheduled during the summer, and I have been invited down for that event (specific date not established at this writing). 
As an advocate of people in the ordination process, I have also enabled the next phase of the next tier of people for the ordination process to move forward. It is not over til it’s over, so please keep everyone and all the matters at hand in prayer.
These are small daily steps that make a big strategic difference, the compounded impact being in part because of the repeated visits over time. 
2) The seminary library on the ground in Belmopan that has been reorganized by volunteers is poised to make a difference as a resource for at least one of the people in the process. 
3) I have been planning with the Bishop, the next phase of the strategic focus in my ministry here. More to come on this in the fullness of time. 
4) Prayers: 
that this trip continue to be fruitful, and for all the plans we are making and for all the people involved.
For Belizeans, the weather has been hot and humid. Prayer for those of us walking in a perpetual very warm shower of humidity, especially regarding dehydration.
God bless you,
Fr. Shaw
Belize City, Belize, Central America.