2016-04-15 00:00:00

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus;

A month has come and gone in my life since I left for Uganda in March.  So much to understand and so much to allow God to do.  I believe that had I come a year ago that my ministry would have been thwarted by my own ideas.  O those ideas still exist but daily I am learning to crucify self for the sake of the cross.

just to take him at his word.

I have been given many opportunities to study God’s word.  From the teachings at the services to the bible studies some impromtu, some scheduled.  I am frequently reminded of our calling as Christ’s Ambassadors. So what better way than to invite students into my home.

Just to lean upon His promise

I am also told he will not expect more of us than we can accomplish.  So when I was assigned to teach a course I had never taught I trusted God and began to prepare.  But my skills were really challenged.  So I trusted in God to provide me with what I needed and I was assigned a different course.  Not only that but thanks to help from friends in the States I have the materials to teach the course.

Just to say thus says the Lord.

But Lord I cried this is tent making when will I be able to go out in your name?  Now I am preparing to go on a mission outreach with members of the Ugandan Anglican Youth Fellowship.  So he has brought me here and begun to equip me for service.  May I go out in his strength and not my own.  May I truly be Christ’s Ambassador.  And may I trust in Jesus.

Jesus Jesus How I trust Him

How I’ve  proved Him o’er and o’er

Jesus, Jesus precious Jesus

O for grace to trust Him More.