Hello everyone! It’s been a crazy, crazy week, but I’ll try to put it into words and tell you a bit about it all.

Last week started out with the drama of immigration: handing it documents in regards to my permanent residency visa. I ask that you please continue to pray earnestly with me that this visa would be granted before the end of the year! Meanwhile back at the schools, it was a low-key week, providing wonderful moments like that of children at St. Barnabas’ School singing random songs like this one:

Much of the later part of the week was taken up hosting a delegation from the Diocese of St. Albans: Archdeacon Trevor Jones and his wife Sue. Not only were they able to visit our Hispanic missions (Thursday)and attend church at St. Andrew’s and St. Hilda’s (Sunday), but they also paid visits to our three schools. In fact, we managed to take some great pictures of them at St. Andrew’s, St. Barnabas’, and St. Hilda’s. The hope is that their visit this past weekend will enable them to be a bridge between their churches and ours, and help us build a constructive and mutually-beneficial relationship.

St. Andrew’s School was also blessed to have a visit from the Governor-General (the Queen’s representative and Belize’s head of state) Sir Colville Young. He and his wife came not only to give an enormous donation of musical instruments to the school, but he also shared a story or two with the students and other community members. To say thank you, many of the classes made colorful presentations for the Governor-General, such as this telling of some traditional Kriol proverbs from Belize:

This weekend was full of so many other activites as well. At 4:30 Saturday morning I was out in Central Farm to give the invocation for the annual Cancer Walk, and then I walked the 4 miles back to town with everyone else. And finally, this weekend was Cursillo #11 for the Anglican Diocese of Belize, and Sunday afternoon our archidiaconal delegation, together with our Deacon and Lay Minister and Treasurer and I, we all went out to the closing ceremony. Not only were we exposed to some powerful preaching and moving testimonies by the new cursillistas, but we were able to join the Garifuna drums and sing songs like “De Colores” and “Here I Am, Lord”

So, as you can imagine, it’s been a busy week! Thank you so much for your prayers, and for your support. Please continue to uphold us and our ministry up to our heavenly Father!