Hello everyone! I don’t have a lot of time to compose in words, but here’s a photo/video recap of Harvest for our three schools. Make sure to click through to see all the pictures and other glimpses into our past week.

St. Andrew’s School (San Ignacio)

This past Sunday we enjoyed three fantastic services, with the Upper Division at 8:00, the Middle Division at 10:30, and the Lower Division at 2:00. Not only were we able to capture some awesome pictures, but we were able to capture videos of the children carrying in their gifts and singing songs of praise. Additionally we have pictures of Deacon Lizbeth Tulloch reading the Gospel for the service, and several videos of me. Here is an excerpt of my first sermon, this time to the Upper Division:

You can also check out snippets of my sermons to the Middle Division and to the Lower Division. Over the course of the day, over 500 people came to church, and we thank God not only for the gifts that they brought, but that he brought them into his courts to praise his name!

St. Barnabas’ School (Central Farm)

Last Wednesday we celebrated our small Harvest service in Central Farm. As you can see in the pictures, our school was beautifuly decorated, and the children were excited to come and give thanks to the Lord. Not only did the children join in singing rousing courses like “Bringing in the Sheaves” but they also made their individual presentations, much like the Standard I and II classes singing “A Gift to You” in front of the whole school.

St. Hilda’s School (Georgeville)

Then last Thursday, an extremely rainy day, we celebrated our Harvest festival at St. Hilda’s. Though we didn’t manage to get any video of the service, we took copious photos of our students, teachers, and families, and also of our preacher and postulant Jody Bevan. It was a fantastic day, and we left incredibly blessed, if slightly wet!

Thank you for your prayers, and we ask for your continued prayers for us this week, as Mary Beth continues to recover from an injured knee, as Belize City struggles with intense flooding after heavy rains, as we out West prepare for the archidiaconal visit to our communities, and as I continue to wrestle with immigration issues. We are so grateful for your support!