Over the last 20 months I have felt a lot like the people of Narnia trapped where it is always winter and never spring.  Not that God has not been present in my life but I often felt I would never get to minister outside the United States again.  But for the most part the winter was of my own making.  You see God calls us to be faithful not just with our actions but also in our prayer life and in how much time we take to listen.  Now as I prepare to leave on a trip to speak at churches and to go for Cross Cultural training I can see as always even the winter was not wasted by God.  For each day over the last 20 months gave me new insight into the direction God is leading me.  Even the times I did not listen God has used to point out where He does not want me to be.  He has also shown me his purpose for my life is not in my control but completely God’s.  Each step on the upcoming journey I pray will be in his will and not my own.  I pray that he will show me even more of what it means to trust Him.  Not just with where I am going but with how I go and with who I go and what I am to take and what to leave behind.  I pray that God can show me ways to place complete trust in all the directions and give me the ability not to question but only to trust God for ALL.