Dear Partners in Mission,

“To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven,” Ecclesiastes 3:1.  The season has come to be back in the Dominican Republic and for that I am grateful, to God and to you, for making it possible. 

The start of the new term is always a bit hectic and this term has been no exception.  My efforts to alleviate some of the stress around that week failed.  Early in December I tried to communicate via email with the seminary, about housing possibilities, and the university, about possible class schedules.  Receiving no replies compounded by the holidays through 3 Kings Day, left everything to the last minute.  With classes at the university starting on Thursday, I met with the dean of the seminary that same day with the news that there is not room for me to stay there with any regularity.  Going to the university to retrieve the materials I’d left for the other professors and get my class assignments later was unsuccessful, given the crush of students in the office who were overwhelming Pamela.  A text Friday morning confirmed that I had neuro that afternoon.  Not until arriving at the registrar’s office and requesting a copy of the student rosters for the two classes did I learn that I only have neuro this term.  With that, the need for weekly overnight housing disappeared.  I texted the other professor that she has the class she’d covered for me in the fall, about 4 hours before her class started.  Last minute scramble, absolutely.  God meeting my perceived needs, again, absolutely.  God teaching me to trust in God’s provision rather than my own efforts is an ongoing process.  Please keep praying!

In Christ,

Cathy Donahoe