Mary’s Blog  Dec 8th, 2012

I am finally on the move.  Today started with a miracle.  My Sudanese Family and 2 of my prayer warriors from church came at 6:30 AM to help me go to the airport.  I thought I had 10 suitcases and after loading them into the cars we headed to the airport.  The Picture you see here is of mee with the bags before we went inside.  You have heard of the loaves and fishes well  when the bags were checked there were 11 not 10 bags.  I tried to figure it out and for the life of me I couldn’t.  While the American airlines clerk checked to see if a bag had been double tagged we prayed for the trip and for each other.  After about 15 minutes the clerk called and said there were 11 bags and that she would just waive the fee.  She told me that I would have difficulty getting the bags checked from London to Entebbe.  When I went to tell my friends it hit me that I had 10 bags but a friend had given me clothes to take to Uganda and that was the 11th bag.  God’s provision is always timely.  He has  given me an extra measure of grace for this trip.  Things that in the past would have caused me to panic or get upset just seem to give me opportunities to see him at work in everything. 

As I went to go through security Emmanuel one of my Sudanese “sons’ asked if I had unlocked my I phone and I began to think how I could solve this problem.  After running around on my own steam I finally came to the conclusion that I did not need to worry.  I sat down at the recharging station and a young man came over who had both an I phone and a mac computer.  I asked him if my phone would act as an I pod and if I could use the e-mail feture in a wified area.  He then told me about a program that will allow my stateside family to call me and will let me text for free.  So all my running around was solved in a matter of minutes.  It doesn’t allow me to call in all circumstances but how rich I feel.  The best part is this happened right after I called AT&T and asked to cancel my 25 year old land line.


So what is the point of this story.  God’s provisions are so much better than ours.  Scripture Says “I know the plans I have for you … Lord Jesus help me to see your purpose in all the ordinary circumstances.  The needs we have are great and even more so as I head to Uganda and begin the VBS, but all our needs are supplied and He will direct our path to what he wants us to do. 

Heavelny Father you are our Jehovah Jirah and you know exactly what you wish us to do.  Give me the ability to become less so that all who I meet will knowthat you are the author  of my story.  May my witness be made complete in my weakness and your strength.  It is in Jesus name I pray.