Mary’s Blog Day 5

Arrived safely in Uganda with all 10 bags intact.  Came to the Guest House at 2 am and got to bed by 3.  What a blessing to be here.  The room comes complete with a dsk which will make planning the VBS that much easier. 


First foray into the town of Mukono.  Went to visit a young man who has pain in his chest and side.  Medical facility basic the young man was being released because they could find nothing wrong.  We prayed for him and asked God to heal him.

The street is so busy.  There are only a few places to cross and then you must be careful of the motorcycle taxis that drive on both sides of the street.  Brian Dennison was my guide and showed me where to go to get set up for phone and where to shop for groceries.  We then took a motorcycle taxi up to UCU’s gate and went to the library to connect my computer to the wi-fi found on campus.   I headed home by way of the chapel which was very peaceful.  This is where we will hold the VBS next week.  It is a lovely location with a huge sloping lawn which may be used for various activities. 

Meet a nice young man who is the president of the student body at UCU.