Mary’s Blog Bor, Jonglei South Sudan December 27, 2012

So here I am in Bor Jonglei  South Sudan (RSS)and the wild west was never wilder.  There are cattle in the streets and dust everywhere from the roads which are not paved.  At the end of the street is the Nile River which is used for bathing by those who have no running water in their houses.  The priority here is to educate the  young so they can help build a stronger country. 

On Monday the city came alive as the churches march through the streets singing their praise to God.  While the city has very rough buildings the people of the churches are dressed in their best to march and announce the coming of Jesus.  Each church carried a banner and sang as they went along songs of praise in their native tongue.  Children as young as 5 or 6 were marching.  Okach Rachel’s son said that as a child he remembered getting in line and participating.  The marching continued until 1 or 2 in the morning.

On Tuesday I got up early to visit the celebrations at 3 different churches.  First we went to the Episcopal Cathedral where over 3,000 Dinka gathered to celebrate Christ’s birth.  After a while we went to other churches including the Anyuak Presbyterian congregation and the Nuer Presbyterian congregation.  Both these churches meet under canopies with the sides open.  It reminded me of some of the earliest meetings of  St. Andrews  which was the church of my childhood.  We meet under a grape arbor.  These people here in Bor are just beginning to build after a long war.  Their resources are much but it will take much work to realize the fruits of the Peace. 

Today I met the Minister for education for the Jonglei State.  We will meet at 3 today to talk about what the vision for education is.  The Governor has already made it clear that education is the responsibility of the people in the various towns and villages.  Rachel has plans to build a secondary boarding school for girls which will begin to train girls to take positions of responsibility

Please pray that the people of South Sudan will first seek the Face of Jesus and follow in his ways.  That  South Sudan will work under God’s authority. 

Pray that in the midst of such great need, I can listen to the voice of God and set my face toward the will of the One who sent me here.  That I will not seek my own glory but to work to glorify God.