There are two things I firmly believe are true.  #1 – God did not rain down corona virus on us.  #2 – God can and will redeem the pain and suffering we all experience during this crisis.  I don’t know when or how, but He will.

I also believe the Lord wants us to learn something from this crisis and time of physical separation.  I imagine we will be learning things long after it is over.  I have been pondering this in the endless hours of solitude.  Here is a preliminary list…
1. As Americans, we are socialized to be independent, self-reliant.  To charge forward and take the bull by the horns.  In the Covid era, we are learning that our survival depends on each other.  My solitude protects the stranger in the shopping mall, my church family, the server at the restaurant.  Your solitude protects me.  We are in this together or we all go down.  Isn’t that one of Jesus’ most fervent desires for us? “…that all of them may be one”  John 17:21.  
2. The last shall be first.  Suddenly the lowliest jobs, sanitation workers, for example, are hailed as heroes as they put themselves at risk to do a job we have new appreciation for.  In the blink of an eye, parents have a much more profound appreciation for the work, endurance, and commitment of teachers.  Same goes for daycare workers, babysitters, and nannies.
3. Our generosity muscles are getting a real workout.  The news and social media are filled with heartwarming stories.  My neighbor picked up some blueberry scones for me at the grocery store and refused reimbursement.  A small thing, for sure, but it meant a lot to me.  LAMB has been able to keep our staff in Honduras working with medical benefits thanks to the ongoing generosity of our donors.  An anonymous donor sent relief money so we could deliver food to the impoverished who no longer have any way to make a living. 
4. We are discovering that we really do love one another.  I have heard of more web conferencing programs and apps in the last two weeks than in the last 10 years.  There is zoom, house party, and for those in different time zones, marco polo.  We set aside petty gripes and log in to be together, laugh, play games, pray, and simply say, “I love you.”
5. We are discovering what it really means to be the church.  Church is not the building where your child was baptized, or you were married, or where your loved ones are buried.  Church is us, wherever we are. 
6. We are learning that as contagious as corona virus is, kindness is a thousand times more contagious.  When you get it, you can’t wait to pass it on to as many people as possible.
7. We are learning that political divisiveness is passe.  Sticking together, supporting one another is so much more important that whether you are red or blue.  We are one nation and we can only beat this together. 
8. We are learning that prosperity is fragile.  Whether we like it or not, this is a global world.  Borders are lines on a map and mean nothing to corona virus. So many people live on the edge.   The most vulnerable pay the highest price. So many of them are children.  What we do about it is a lesson in process.
I pray that we are all learning that God is in the midst of us.  The types and numbers of tragedies boggle the mind.  We can only get through this by leaning on Him.  If we lean on Jesus, we can be a balm for someone else.  If you need a kind word, or some encouragement, or a prayer, let me know.  I am your sister in Christ and I love you.