God’s business is putting things right.  – Psalm 11:7 (The Message)

I shared this verse with a member of our congregation and two other directors from the social services ministry of Cochabamba. Right before we went into a hospital room to pray last rites with a teenage girl. 

God is at work to put things right.

These three women who work selflessly for the well-being of the most neglected in society need to know that this is precisely God´s business so they do not lose heart in the face of so much need and injustice. Our world needs to know this as we read news that appears to indicate the contrary, with local  catastrophes and global crises. Families need to know this as we worry about what will happen tomorrow. I need to know this, as I struggle with aging and kids leaving home and congregation members struggling to grasp this very truth.

God is in the business of putting things right.  This is what it means to say God is righteousness.  This is what it means to preach that we have been justified by the death and resurrection of Jesus.  This is what we mean when we proclaim Jesus is Lord and will come again. 

This is what we prepare for in Advent – God’s putting all things right in Jesus.  

May we be confident in God’s work, even while we wait. 

May we have courage to share, serve, and love.

And may we not lose heart, nor become weary or indifferent, being assured that our labor in God’s business is not in vain.

He will do it.  He is able. He’s got this – and her and you and me. 

¡Qué Dios les bendiga!

Tammy & Rusty