26 August – last week we had a visit from the Bishop of Singapore Rennis and John Lin, the Dean of the Anglican Church in Vietnam.  They came to look at the new space the diocese of Singapore is purchasing for the ABBA English Centre when the lease on its current property expires at the end of October.  Bishop Rennis is the tall grey-haired man in the right rear, and Dean Lin is on his immediate right, both just behind little ole grey-haired me.  The man to Dean Lin’s right is a pastor from HoChiMinh City.  Dean Lin sent me this nice picture of the Eagle class, the advanced English student class with which I am working. You can see their favorite poses, with lots of V-signs and mugging for the camera.  The class ranges in age from seven (middle front, small boy) to sixteen (right rear).

You should be able to tap the photograph to expand it, but that does not always work, so get out your magnifying glass.