We are thrilled to introduce our new ministry locations, Hope House in North Jakarta and Providence Place in West Jakarta!  In just the past two months, God has graciously made a way for Providence Anglican Church to participate in the renting, refurbishing, and running of two ministry houses.  It is a big responsibility, but we believe that God also has a big plan to use these for His glory in Indonesia.  We finally have a place to partner with like-minded ministries such as a daycare for underserved children and a school for the differently-abled.  We will also offer language and vocational training for refugees, community outreach, and evangelism groups, as well as Sunday “Kingdom Classes.”  We hope the following pictures give you a sense of the love and hard work our team has put into the transformation of these spaces.

This is an exciting time for our ministry, but we are not doing this on our own!  The name of our mission organization, Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders, speaks volumes. Missionaries cannot go without senders – partners who share the vision and value the call.  Our call is to be His hands and feet in the capital city of the world’s largest Muslim nation!    We are incredibly humbled by and grateful for the outpouring of gifts and spiritual care from our family and friends. As we follow where God leads, we have two immediate needs.

Firstly, we need prayer for protection, provision, wisdom, and mercy.  We hope that everyone we know and every church that is connected with us will pray for us on a regular basis.  Secondly,  we need an abundance of senders.  In order to stay long term on the mission field in Jakarta with our family of six, we need to raise $4,500 in monthly support.  We know you are thinking it will take a miracle and it will… but that is the beauty of it.  God gets all the glory as we watch Him do what only He can!  In fact, generous partners have already committed to 25% of our total support!

If you like visuals, check this out!