After serving as missionaries previously, God has called Ron and  Debby back to Brazil to continue his work.
Ron and Debby are based out of the city of João Pessoa the state capital of Paraíba, in the Anglican Church – Diocese of Recife. Their ministry is one of encouragement to support lay leadership and clergy in parish ministry, especially in small mission parishes in the Diocese of Recife. Ron’s ministry is preaching, teaching, and pastoral care. Debby’s ministry is the writing of Bible curriculum for children, and teacher training in areas where children are most at risk.

God’s Call:

After graduation from seminary, Ron made an initial six-month commitment to working for what was then the Anglican Communion Network. The six months turned into a full-time job and four years working for what became the Anglican Church in North America provincial office. Ron and Debby became SAMS associate missionaries, returning to their Brazil ministry every year. The ministry has become more defined over the years, but first and foremost has been a ministry of encouragement to those serving in northeast Brazil.

Many times God has spoken through the Brazilian people. Ron and Debby answer the question asked of them, “Can you help us with this?” And God always has prepared their hearts and minds beforehand so that they can answer “Yes”. Then through times of prayer, they are guided in the details of how, and what their role is as part of the solution.

From Debby:

I have been coming to northeast Brazil for over 6 years, and am always intrigued by the methods used for housework and cooking. They are so simple and very different from methods used in the USA. I had observed people ironing everything including tee shirts, sheets, and towels. Even at a women’s retreat, someone was ironing their casual clothes. I silently concluded that Brazilians liked everything to look very good. Then recently I was sharing about cultural differences with the family we were staying with. To my surprise, the wife responded that ironing killed germs on clothing and especially bedding and towels, as they have no hot water for washing laundry, and everything is air dried Of course! What a good example of a cultural difference, and my erroneous conclusion I thought.

How you can pray for Ron and Debby:

  • Pray for continued close relationships with their children and grandchildren.
  • Pray for those in ministry in Brazil and their families, for strength and refreshment in times of weariness.
  • Pray for a lasting impact of the Gospel and changed lives through Jesus in the communities in northeast Brazil.
  • Pray for continued financial support.

How you can pray for Brazil:


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Our ministry has become more defined over the years, but first and foremost has been a ministry of encouragement to those in ministry in northeast Brazil.
Debby McKeon

SAMS Missionary to Brazil