This year we have eleven (11) students, who are receiving aid for their studies.  In Honduras, the public school system is free, but the children must pay for books, uniforms, back-packs, and miscellaneous fees, which means some poor kids can’t go without support. These scholarships help address that problem.

The Ministry of Presence chooses the kids based on financial need and desire to study.   

At Church of Annunciation, Rincón de Dolores, in the mountains north of Tegucigalpa:

Genesis– 1st grade, age 6.
Alejandra– 6th grade, age 11.   
Lucy– 7th grade, age 15.  Lucy was out of school for three years,
           but she is returning with help of the scholarship.



At Copan Ruinas, with the help of Ana Aguilera, from Bethesda Church, Assemblies of God:

Paty– 7th grade, age 12.  Paty lives with her sister, because her mother is often not around. She was almost failed to register for school this year, because her mother disappeared again.  Fortunately, Ana Aquilera, who has practically adopted this young girl, did find the 
the mother.  So Paty is registered and very much looking forward to school this year.
Mario 5th grade, age 11.



At Cerro to Hula, in the mountains south of Tegucigalpa, the children of Santito Cruz, the cleaning lady in my apartment building.
Johana-  7th grade, age 12.
Brian-   9th grade, age 15.
Bairon-  1st grade, age 6. 
Brian (left in dark blue shirt) and Bairon (right in light blue shirt),
Johana, Santito and Cristofer in between,
At the Church of the Messiah, in Laguna del Pedregal, near Rincón de Dolores.
Marisella- 10th grade, degree in Tourism, age 16.
Eduard- 7th grade, age 12.