It all started over breakfast.   Santito, who cleans our five story building, told me she does like not Christmas.  When I asked her why, she explained that she lost her mother when she was thirteen. After that her father showed little interest in her.  Her childhood was without Christmas and hard. It was a time that made her sad. Knowing that Our Lord always loves a party , I asked if she would like to throw one in celebration of Christmas for herkids and the community.   With a smile, she said, “Yes.”

This is what happened.

A typical house in Cerro de Hula.

Get that party going!
The party begins.
Waiting for mine.
Joana, daughter of Santito, babysitting.
Angela at sweet 15!   The Cumpleañera cuts the cake.

(It was also Angela’s fifteenth birthday, la Cumpleañera, which is an important
day for young girls in Latin America.   No one celebrated Santito’s fifteenth because they were too poor.   So we especially did not want to forget Angela on her day.)

Boys practicing their piñata swings.
I’ve got this!

The serious players step up.
Get the candy!
Presents.  Wow!