Being on home assignment, and talking about Uganda, makes me reflect further about what I both love and appreciate about Uganda and UCU. Articles like this one exemplify it. 

The flagship university in Uganda, Makerere, has been besieged by strikes, from students and staff alike. To say that things are not easy is an understatement. 

As the article points out, in 19 years as a university, we have never had a strike. Now, things are not easy for us either. Let me walk in the light and point out that the First Lady is a recent alumnus, sonit behooves her to paint us favorably. But we strive to have a good working relationship between staff and students, and I think it shows. 

This is but one of the reasons I am proud to be associated with UCU. We strive to work through our differences in light of Matthew 18. It is not easy. And yet, the fruit of such striving is a university that has never experienced a strike in 19 years, and they are sadly common at Makerere. 

I am grateful that in the press, our graduates are routinely praised for their integrity and positive contributions to the workforce, and the culture in general.

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