Now, don’t get me wrong. It is absolutely fabulous to be in the US with my people. That is balm to my soul. The smooth, lit roads and snazzy internet speeds are only perks of being here. However, over the last few weeks that I’ve been here, I’ve realized that there are several things I miss about Uganda.

1. Full serve petrol stations. There is no such thing as self-pumping stations in Uganda. Not only is it a blessed convenience, it prevents one from entering the ZIP code from where she used to live vice where she officially lives (vice where she actually lives when here) while using her debit card to purchase gas. Truth.
2. Doreen. Let’s be honest. Domesticity isn’t hard, but I’m a wee bit out of practice. Doreen washes, irons, cleans, and generally takes care of me. I *can* do these things, truly, but it’s just so… daily. I’m horribly spoiled.
3. Being recognized. If you had told me five years ago that I would miss being recognized, I would have fallen apart laughing. Though it still freaks me out when a store clerk or Askari (security guard) at a mall addresses me by title (“nice day, Reverend”) when I’m *not* in my collar, I’m sufficiently acclimated to it that I’m surprised when no one in this country knows me.

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