It has been very busy here.  In January, the beginning of the school year in Honduras, we supported five poor children in the mountains around Tegucigalpa  and two in Copan Ruinas, as part of the Ministry of Presence. We helped them with school costs such as books, uniforms, and  school fees.  Our goal is to maintain a relationship and continue supporting them until they graduate.

In April, I had the opportunity to attend the New Wineskins Conference for Anglican missionaries around the world, held in Asheville, N.C.   It was a very inspiring time.
Back in Honduras, I have been nursing two churches toward completion.  Buen Pastor Church (Good Shepherd) in Santa Maria has just been completed and consecrated by Bishop Lloyd Allen on June 26, 2016.   See the articles below.

Emmanuel Church in Roatàn moves forward with the installation of a new roof.  That in itself was a challenge.   The boat carrying the steel set sail at night in a storm and foundered on a reef outside of La Ceiba harbor.  In the morning, salvagers fell upon the boat and stripped it bare.  No problem.  The ship owners have insurance.   Or so we thought.    It turned out that they had neglected to pay their premium, so the insurance was cancelled.  Thanks to God, a church in Canada came through  and we were able to  buy  more steel for the roof trusses.  Here is the video of the boat on the reef, taken by a La Ceiba news station.  Click here.

St. John’s Bilingual School is ready to move ahead again. A church in Texas has raised money for the completion of the roof.  Like many of these projects, the shortage of funds has hampered the progress of this school.   This building should have been finished two years ago to provide much needed classroom space.  Please pray for the school.

Also please keep praying for Honduras during this threat from the Zika virus. I knew many people in Copan Ruinas and Tegucigalpa, who caught Chinkungunya, which is transmitted by the same mosquito.  Zika is much more insidious because of the permanent damage that it causes to infants.  So far we’ve been fortunate. Few cases have been reported.

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Please continue to pray for Honduras and this mission,
Paz y bien,