Each year the Women of Purpose have a Revive Reunion in Honduras for women in the mission field. This year 110 missionaries attended from all over Honduras. The theme was being still.
In an exercise about being light, we wrote: “I have everything I need.” And I realize that I do. And I am grateful for all that I have. As the 23rd psalm says, “The Lord is my shepherd. I have everything I need.”
We symbolically threw away our fears. It was amazing how similar our fears were. Mine were fear of being rejected, and fear of being alone. Others were fear of failure, fear of incompetence. But those were pretty much the four all the missionary women there mentioned. I was surprised our fears were so similar. Our ages ranged from 17 to 70.
And we talked about how our dreams had changed between the time we were called to the mission field and now. So many leave the mission field the first year of service when it’s not like they think it will be.
Speaking for myself, I was glad when God showed me what he wanted from me, because it wasn’t what I expected. It was more appropriate to me.
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