Quickserve Delicacies opened its doors in mid June offering a host of local cuisine including wet fry tilapia, traditional chicken, roasted beef, ugali, chapati, rice, and more. The cafeteria is situated in the heart of Siaya Town and was established and is run by youth from the Anglican Diocese of Maseno West.

This is a unique effort at Business as Mission as the project was conceived and developed by the church in order to help address problems of poverty and unemployment among the youth. The Cafeteria currently employs five staff and serves between 50 – 150 customers per day. It is managed and run by a young entrepreneur with big dreams who believes in empowering the youth and supporting youth ministry. Kenya Connection has worked with the Diocese to raise matching funds to help setup the cafeteria. Check out a few quick clips we captured in between meetings and bites of tilapia during our visit in June 2015.

Business as Mission – Youth Cafeteria in Maseno West from iHope Photography on Vimeo.

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