Helping Honduran children get an education
With your help, we have started to assist kids who live in the campo (country) with their education.   Education is free, sort of….    The publlic schools are free,  but there are costs to attend.
The kids need help with transportation, lunches, books and pencils, uniforms and sometime a  fee for maintaining the school.  
The scholarships vary depending on the need and age. We also ask the parent to contribute as well, even if they can  afford only a little. 
 There are more kids with needs. Some kids are not attending school this year because they can’t cover these costs.  So if you are interested in helping, please let me know. 
Alejandra Martínez Lopez and Milton Martínez Cortes loaded  with supplies to start the school year. Mothers standing by.
Marvin Martínez Lopez ready with his school supply. Also mother and baby B.
Erica Martínez Lopez is studying  to be a hairdresser.