The view from the property.  
The Zamorano Retreat Center will be situated near the town of Zamorano in the beautiful valley of the Yeguare River, with its lush farmland landscapes and surrounding mountains.   Zamorano is only half an hour east of Tegucigalpa, located perfectly for retreats in the central part of Honduras.
The new campus. 
(Lodgings are on the left.  The chapel is on right.)
 The center will serve more than 120 people and be able to  hold   diocesan meetings, Cursillos, Happenings, Alpha (1) and other events.  On the far side of the campus, small cabins will be available for personal retreats. 
Aerial view of the campus.
(1) For those not familiar with these programs:
Cursillo, which means a ‘Short Course’ in English, is a weekend retreat of instruction and prayer to intensify or renew one’s relationship with God.  Afterwards, the retreatants may continue to meet in their churches.
Happenings is similar to Cursillo, except  that it is for teen-agers.

Alpha   is a course on basic Christianity.   People meet every week for a meal and some plain talk about God.  At the end, there is a retreat.