Greeting everyone!  I hope you are enjoying your summer!

Earlier this year in April,  I had a rather serious medical adventure.   During my visit to the Church of Emmanuel in Roatán before Easter, I began to get a series of intense headaches, which eventually put me into the San Jorge Hospital in Tegucigalpa. I was diagnosed with severe hypertension, at risk for a stroke or heart attack.   Subsequently, I flew to Boston to continue my treatment.  Since then,  I have returned to Honduras and my health is much better.

Much has happened here since the last newsletter.  I continue to be very busy.

The most important update is that Fr. Roberto Martínez, whom many of you met during our trip to New England last October, has been promoted to dean of the Omoa/ Puerto Cortes deanery.  (The Diocese of Honduras is subdivided  into eleven deaneries). Unfortunately for me, he will be moving away to the north coast in September or October. But may God’s blessings be with him in his new job.  (See map on the right for all locations mentioned.)

As for design news, two new major projects are underway: the Zamorano Retreat Center near the town of Zamorano, located on the other side of the mountains to the east of Tegucigalpa and a new facility for St. John’s Bilingual School in Siguatepeque. 

The work on the Buen Pastor Church in Santa Maria and Church Emmanuel in Roatán continues slowly,  but progress is being made.  The Good Shepherd Church from Lake Wales, Florida,  sent a team in June under the leadership of Father Tom Seitz.  They helped paint the interior and conducted a bible school for the kids.

And finally, regarding the Ministry of Presence, some of you have donated money to help kids go to school.  We have provided partial scholarships for four kids at Church of the Annunciation in Rincón de Dolores, Fr. Roberto’s church.  Special thanks to Claire Dewey, Paloma Lee and others for your donations.

Peace and all goodness to you,