Rabar Market is a small outpost of shops, a hub for motorcycle taxis, and features furniture and dress makers, vegetable vendors, barber shops, and more. Earlier this month, I joined a team of musicians and pastors coordinating open air meetings in Rabar, as a joint effort from several area churches. Hundreds of residents and onlookers flocked to hear renowned musicians including John Okidi and Phoebe Moses. The gospel message was shared over four days by a series of evangelists, and the people of Rabar received the Word with gladness and great celebration with dozens giving their lives to Christ each day. Here are a few clips from the Rabar Mission and Regional Youth Conference set to participant and local artist, Eunice Ogoma’s song Nyasaye Marahuma:

Nyasaye Marahuma – Online.mp4 from iHope Photography on Vimeo.