Akiba School is not a boarding school, but sometimes exceptions are made. For the past ten years, Akiba has occasionally hosted boys and young men who otherwise don’t have a place to stay. In many cases, these boys are orphans or may have spent some time living on the streets. Currently there is space for up to ten boys to stay within the school where they are supervised and mentored by teachers and a caretaker. While we were able to accommodate boys at the school, we were not sure what to do with challenging cases facing girls. We thank God that earlier this year, Akiba was  able to set up a small boarding facility for girls, and now we also have a girl’s house where five students stay and are mentored by two young women. During the day, the mentors also help with a sewing project for economic empowerment of young mother’s.

 Above: Emily and Quinina mentors for the young girls show off the work 
they had done in painting the girls’ house
 Around the dining room/study table, girls prepare for a new school term.
 Pastor John Yates from The Falls Church visits the girls’ house 
along with the founder of Akiba, Edith Gitao.
 Sam Owen and Edith discuss the future of Akiba School, 
as Lynn Owen who developed the girls’ home inspects the facilities.

 John Yates and Sam Owen at Akiba School

 Founder and Manager of Akiba School, Edit Gitao 
shares with primary school children.