No, not for Jacksonville, Florida, where my home church is and where I lived for the past 16 years.  No, not even for the U.S., where everything is familiar, orderly, clean.  Where anything and everything is readily available.  Where I can drink tap water that is clean.  Where electricity is constant.  Where there are stop signs and traffic lights, and people drive on the right side of the road.  I am homesick for Uganda and the ministry God has called me to there.

Gulu, Northern Uganda.  What a blast I had playing soccer with these girls!  Canon Alison Barfoot and I were attending meetings with the management committee of The Father’s House children’s center and checking on the progress of the construction of the new homes.  Outside, groups of children were playing soccer (football, to them).  During a break I got involved playing with this group of girls and we became instant friends.  They got such a kick out of the grey-haired muzungu (white) lady playing football.  What fun we had together!  Later in the day a group of the younger ones gathered around me while I read them some Bible stories – from my Kindle!  Of course, they’d never seen one before and were quite curious about it.  They were so sweet, and I was blessed to pray over them before we left.

Mbarara, Southwest Uganda.  Meet Rt. Rev. Dr. Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa, bishop of Ankole Diocese, and his dear wife, Mama Alice.  Look closely and you can see their youngest peeking around his dad – what a cute boy!  In November I visited Bishop Sheldon and toured some of the diocese’s ministries: Ruharo Mission Hospital and Eye Clinic, Uganda Bible Institute, Bishop Stewart University, and the technical/vocational school.  I was struck by the sheer vastness of the diocese’s ministries, which include health, education, and social services programs for thousands upon thousands of people in the area.  And this is in addition to preaching the Gospel, identifying and raising up leaders, and making disciples for Christ.

So many opportunities for mission partnership!!!

It’s been almost three months since I left Uganda for what I had anticipated would be a fairly short visit.  Much good has come of my time here.  The best thing of all is that God has confirmed, in my heart and in other ways, that Uganda is where I belong! Mukama Asiimwe!  (Praise the Lord!)

Right now I feel a bit like this baby monkey; a little sad, but hopeful, looking up for help.  My eyes are on my Abba, Father, trusting in His provision so I can return to Uganda soon.  Please be praying as well.  Is our Abba asking you to partner with me in mission?