Well, it has been an awfully long time since I’ve posted an update here. Believe me, it has been a crazy year; not at all what I had planned. In the midst of everything that’s happened, though, I am reminded that God’s plans are far better than ours. Let me catch you up with a brief outline of what’s been going on in my life since the beginning of 2010:

January – Cancer diagnosis (what a bummer)
February – Surgery (no fun at all), then hugely successful warehouse sale (see earlier post) – AMAZING
April – SAMS Retreat and New Wineskins Conference – AWESOME
June – Trinity Seminary one-week class: Jesus Through Non-Western Eyes (Africa & the Middle East) – WAY COOL
July – Begin radiation treatment (not so bad at first, but really bad burns at the end. OMG)
August – Finish radiation treatment – THANK YOU JESUS
September – Now, what was it I was doing BC (before cancer)? Oh yeah, TEAM BUILDING FOR MISSIONS!

I am so very grateful to God for allowing the cancer to be detected early and successfully treated before moving to Uganda. It would have been a total bummer if I had already been in country and involved in ministry, then had to drop everything and return to the U.S. I have been so anxious to get there, but God’s timing is always, always perfect!

So, the cancer shmancer has been dealt with. It’s over and done; no longer a concern. Thanks be to God!

Progress continues to be made, even in the midst of all the distractions. My dear friends in Texas, Susan and Doug Claybrook, are keeping my family antiques while I’m in Uganda. Everything has already been shipped out and I was able to be there when they were delivered and spend a little over a week with Susan and Doug. What a wonderfully relaxing and fun time we had together. I am incredibly thankful for such dear, long-time friends.

This weekend I will be moving from my condo into a two-room garage apartment belonging to friends at church. Next is to determine which property management company to list the condo with, then turn it over to them to be rented out. Prayers for good, long-term renters to move in soon would be most helpful.

Well, enough catching up for now. More to come!

Be blessed, everyone!