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SAMS-USA missionaries partner with Anglican/Episcopal churches in this region to grow the Kingdom of God. We hope you will be encouraged or inspired by these stories and reports from current and former missionaries in the field. We also encourage you to consider becoming a sender to this part of the world.

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Story # 1 – Celebrating Ron & Debby’s 10-Year Brazil Anniversary

Story # 1 – Celebrating Ron & Debby’s 10-Year Brazil Anniversary

This is the first in a series of stories from the mission field in Brazil in celebration of our 10-year Anniversary. Debby McKeon takes on the challenge of presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children by crossing cultural and language barriers during our first few mission trips to Brazil as SAMS Associate Missionaries. Training Christian Sunday School teachers was the first priority. As one seminar participant said, “I was delightfully amazed how the story I told with simply made manipulatives held captive the hearts and the imaginations of the children for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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