SAMS Wallpapers

All of these photos were taken by SAMS Missionaries, Senders or Staff. Included in the descriptions are prayer requests for the missionaries the photos represent. You are welcome to download and share these photos freely. Each button link will open in a new tab.

A view from inside the mud-walled community center in San Lorenzo, Honduras, construction coordinated by Missionary Jeannie Loving. Pray for a plentiful harvest this year – agriculturally and spiritually – in this town of subsistence farmers.

Corn is offered in a Eucharistic service in the Gambella region of Ethiopia. Taken by Sender Cinde Rawn (wife of Jeff Rawn, Chairman of SAMS board). Pray for the expanding church plants and equipping of new leaders at St. Frumentius Seminary, founded by SAMS missionaries.  Lift up Missionary Trent Pettit as he seeks to return to teach at the seminary.

St. Clements Church, Prague – Taken by Mission Director Stewart Wicker when leading a retreat for missionaries to Europe and North Africa. Pray for the Buttrams, Ayres, and Stephen, missionaries in Europe, bringing Gospel hope to spiritually dark places. May secular Europeans marvel at the glory of God reflected in creation and beautiful architecture.

San Pedro region of Belize – Taken by Board Member Andrew Osmun, hosted by Missionaries Juan and Maria Marentes and David Alenskis in 2013. Pray for the strengthening of Latin American church leaders to reach the lost there and globally with the Gospel.

Singapore Botanical Gardens – Taken by Mission Director Stewart Wicker.  SAMS partners with the Diocese of Singapore in reaching out to the nearly half billion people in Southeast Asia who are not following Jesus Christ. Pray for the Whitakers and Longs serving with this diocese in Cambodia and Indonesia.

Interior shot of Dominus Flevit Church on the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem, Israel  – Taken by Mission Director Stewart Wicker during GAFCON 2008. This simple, lovely chapel, shaped as inverted teardrop, commemorates the site where Jesus wept over Jerusalem as He descended the Mount of Olives at His Triumphal Entry. Please pray for the entire Church that originated in Jerusalem, also for SAMS’ continued fruitful connections in the Anglican Communion.