FAQ Online Giving

Online Giving FAQ

How will my gift be acknowledged?

Each mailed or online gift will be acknowledged through receiving a monthly letter, receipt, and envelope in the mail.  Then everyone who gives within a calendar year will receive an Annual Receipt mailed in January, totaling their tax-deductible gifts for the year.

What if I do not want to receive a receipt?

You may contact SAMS and we will arrange to stop automatic receipts and only send one annual statement at the end of January for your tax preparation.

Can I manage or change my own giving online?

Yes; You can create a profile online here that will allow you to make any necessary changes to your credit card and contact information as well as view your giving history.  Once you have created a profile, you can log in by clicking the log in button at the top right of the giving page.  If you have created a profile after you have already made a donation, please contact us to let us know so we can assign all your donations to your account.

Can I make a recurring gift?

Yes, if you desire to give regularly (for example, monthly, quarterly, or annually), SAMS has a service that makes giving easier and saves time and money (postage, check costs, and SAMS’ processing costs).  The “Giving through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)” service authorizes SAMS to deduct gifts from your checking account or bill your credit card.

You are able to create a recurring gift through our online giving system.  To get started, click here.  While completing the short giving form, you have the option to make your gift a recurring transaction either by electronic check or credit card.  You may choose the frequency and the start date (that will repeat on that day for the frequency you select).  If you would like to be able to change your recurring gift yourself or any other information regarding your giving, make an online profile here.

How do I give in honor or memory of someone?

Indicate who you are giving in honor or memory.  Please include as much information as you desire with your gift. Your name and the designee will be printed in our newsletter that is published every four months in print and online.

How do I update my contact information?

If you have created an online profile through our website, you can log on at any time and update your information there.  If you have not created an online profile, you may contact SAMS during our regular hours:  Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM ET.

Are there any fees when I give by credit card or debit card?

Yes, the credit card company takes a percentage of every credit card contribution.  This will vary according to the type of credit card and whether it is a rewards card.  A debit card has more limited fees for SAMS.

Is my gift tax deductible?

SAMS is a tax exempt nonprofit organization under 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.  We are qualified to receive tax deductible gifts and all gifts to SAMS are tax deductible.

How is my gift used?

As a Section 501(c)(3) organization, all gifts to SAMS are deductible as charitable contributions for federal and state income tax purposes.  As required by law, gifts are solicited with the understanding that SAMS has complete control and discretion over the use of all funds contributed.   Each designation to an approved ministry is used with the understanding that when the need has been met the remaining gifts will then be given where needed most at the discretion of SAMS.

What level of operational efficiency do you achieve?

Fifteen percent of each gift to a SAMS Missionary or Bridger is set aside for the Great Commission Fund to further the wider mission of the Society.  This wider mission includes direct support of Missionaries and Bridgers through oversight, pastoral care, communication, crisis response, accounting, receipting, and legal compliance.  Gifts to Diocesan Projects have a 5% set aside to help contribute to communication, processing gifts, and accountability systems.  There is no percentage set aside for Missionary Projects (projects directly connected to a missionary’s ministry), the Missionary Care Fund, and a few other special funds.