Engineering Missionary Work

When most people think about missionary work, a specific set of skills usually comes to mind. Maybe it’s evangelizing to African orphans or teaching locals about the love of Christ. While these types of missionary work are important for spreading the Gospel, there is a much broader definition of the job of missionary. Every believer has a unique skill set that God can utilize to teach others His love.

Jesus Himself was a carpenter. If your occupation involves engineering or construction, you are already doing the very work God commanded of His only son. By joining SAMS as an Anglican engineering missionary, you can use one of your many gifts to show potential believers the hands and feet of Christ through you.

Use Your Engineering and Construction Skills to Build God’s Kingdom

In many ways, your engineering background is the perfect reason to join SAMS missionary work. The Anglican churches and dioceses we partner with often have many development needs, and civil engineers are necessary to make that work happen and flourish. In this way, you can help physically build the Kingdom of God! There is also a variety of other ways you can apply your skills in a missionary position:

  • Surveying: Breaking ground in new places, we need professionals with the ability to conduct topographical studies on the land before we can begin construction.
  • Design: If you have any architectural know-how, you can help us create spaces for worship, education, healing and more.
  • Management: Every project needs a manager to keep construction on track and on budget. Direct your building projects and help ensure the best results.
  • Maintenance: Even once we finish construction, the project is far from over. These facilities all over the world require staff to keep them functional and operational.
  • Last but not least – Training: Your service multiples indefinitely when you empower local teens and adults with new skill sets to bless their own community.

Throughout these projects, the opportunity will present itself to make connections and build relationships with the local community. These friendships will be just as meaningful as the physical labor you do, as it will provide opportunities for you to evangelize and share the Gospel through social ministry.

Serve With SAMS

Joining SAMS on a construction mission allows you as a Christian engineer to combine two of your greatest passions while improving the lives of others. Our long-term missionaries spend anywhere from a year to their entire careers working overseas, making new disciples and helping them to thrive for the glory of God.

To get started becoming an Anglican engineering missionary, call us at +1 (724) 266-0669 or visit our contact page. From there, we will invite you to begin the application process. This process involves an application complete with references, attending a discernment conference to learn about our global ministry opportunities, and a series of interviews to evaluate theological and psychological fitness, among other things. If approved, you’ll complete specialized training and learn how to raise support for your projects.

Aiding in engineering missionary work might involve applying any or all of the skills listed above, based on the specific gifts God has provided you. Join us in our mission to spread God’s word to everyone by connecting with SAMS today.