It is hard to believe it is mid-June!  Much has transpired since my last post.  Since graduating last month from Trinity School for Ministry I have been focusing my energy on raising for support for 6-months of Bridger service in the Solomon Islands with Jonathan and Tess Hicks.  Every month I have been humbled and encouraged by the support I have receiving.  I currently have four churches representing four unique denominations supporting me, as well as numerous individuals.  I still have a ways to go to be fully funded, but trust that God will continue to provide. 

In the next couple weeks I will be purchasing my plane ticket to the Solomons for the first week in August!  Please continue to hold the Hicks and me in your prayers.  

In the next few weeks I am specifically looking for at least 20 people to contribute one-time gifts of $100. These gifts will help purchase a plane ticket in early July.  I plan to leave August 2, 2017, so I need these gifts ASAP. 

Will you consider being one of those 20 people?  Checks can be mailed to:  SAMS USA PO BOX 399 Ambridge, PA 15003.  Or give online at:

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