Dear Partners in mission,                                                      Nov. 15th 2016
                When I was in 9th and 10th grade I ran hurdles in track and enjoyed the challenge of getting the steps right and clearing the hurdles well.  Life presents us many hurdles of differing shapes and sizes, so getting the steps right is much more challenging.  The opening of the PT clinic faced numerous hurdles throughout the process but opened mid-October.  For me, the biggest hurdle was the last-minute dropping out of one of the therapists who had been planning to join us.  She was the one I really wanted in the clinic because of her heart for Christ and her fellow-person.  It caused me to doubt the opening, to doubt what others were saying to me and to doubt whether this was really a part of God’s plan after all.  With prayer and conversation, a solution came to light that as an American PT made me uncomfortable, but this clinic is not in the US.  A month or so after the opening, we have treated 20 patients for a total of 75 treatment sessions.  Challenges continue to unfold but we continue to take them to God and find solutions.  The goal to have this clinic sustain its monthly costs may take a few months to come to pass, but with God’s help will be achieved.  Please pray that God be the controller of decisions for this physical therapy clinic, regardless of the hurdles that come before us.
In Christ,