Dear Partners in Mission,

Thanks to many generous people, I am now driving and able to offer rides on occasion to folks from my community who are heading my way.  It is a joy to share the blessing of transportation with others.  Chichi, a woman from our church, moved in with her daughter in town over a year ago for health reasons and thankfully has improved her mobility significantly since I started visiting her there.  Being in town, though, few of her church friends have been able to visit at all.  Recently, her husband passed away, so I suggested to the consolation team that we visit her and drove us there.  We chatted, sang, prayed and read the Bible together.  She told us of sitting alone in her room with her Book of Common Prayer and her Bible, reading and praying.  We often say that where 2 or 3 are gathered in His name, the Lord is with us.  She asks that God count God as that second one gathered.  Through our visit, she felt reconnected to her church and supported in this journey of life and faith.  Our group’s visit wouldn’t have happened without the car.  As a special follow-up to that visit, she came to church the next Sunday with some of her family for the first time in over 1½ years!  Thank you for bringing us together with our recently widowed friend, so we could share God’s love and our love with her and her family.  Please pray that I am always willing to share my many blessings with those around me, as God and you have shared with me.