Dear Partners in Mission,

For some weeks, the bulletin was announcing that Easter is the next baptism day.  Those interested should contact the church and participate in the classes one day a week.  I was asked to be Godmother to one of the interested boys, Reynaldo.  I spoke with Farre, a gentleman here who has frequently been called on to be Godfather, to learn about how this culture views this role.  His description included being a ‘protector’ for the child.  They held a run through for the Godparents shortly thereafter and I learned that Reynaldo’s birth certificate wasn’t here.  So, my role as protector came into play even before the baptism.  The next day I rode with Fr. Felix to deliver a pair of crutches to someone who had been using her umbrella to unweight her injured leg.  En route, I asked more about the birth certificate requirement.  Since the baptismal certificate becomes a legal document, the church requires the birth certificate for all baptisms.  Following that, I visited the family to see what the situation was.  His mother works in the capital during the week and is only home on weekends, but their Aunt takes care of them during the week.  She didn’t know the certificate wasn’t here and quickly mobilized the family to get the certificate in time for the baptism.  First mission appears to have been accomplished, with God’s help.  Please pray that I will be a faithful guide to Reynaldo and his sister Carmen in their walk with Christ and will know when to step in and when not to in the following years.  May God bless and guide you in all you do!