We recently had our diocesan convention and Las Chicas Nices del Señor, our church chorus, was invited as part of the last evening’s entertainment.  Since a friend of the congregation was being ordained in the morning, everyone wanted to stay the night.  We had 11 of us present plus our two musicians and one fan.  I can’t begin to say how much these women have taught me over the years.  This time it was about humility.

Some time ago, as my teaching assignment made it impossible to return to San Pedro at night, the bishop generously offered me the use of an apartment on the seminary grounds.  It never occurred to me to invite everyone to stay with me in this one bedroom apartment.  I could share with one or two, but my reaction was that the diocese should house the majority of the group.  The reality was that with me or elsewhere, the women would be sleeping on the floor.  They loved the idea of all being together, so that night we had 14 people sleeping in ‘my’ apartment.  The pre-school shared the children’s naptime mats to cushion the floor a bit.  I don’t know how much sleep people got, but they all claimed a spot here or there and even managed to leave a trail to the bathroom mostly open.  We started the morning with devotion time together before joining the others for breakfast.  Our Santa Cruz family was more important than comfort that night.  My indignation at the invited guests being offered the floor, was not shared by the rest of the women who came to sing because they love singing for the Lord and sharing that joy with others.  That shared evening, night and morning, will be a special memory for me.

Please join me in thanking God for allowing me the opportunity to live alongside these wonderful people.