The Dominican Republic is home to a large number of Haitians, many of whom have crossed the border illegally, in search of a better life than they have in their country.  They settle into life here, have families, learn Spanish in most cases and try to give their children a better life.  Unfortunately, children born here with parents of another nationality are not automatically declared Dominican.  This leads to many people born here being undocumented in any way, leading to challenges being able to attend school, receive medical care and other such services.  Some received ‘irregular’ documentation and have been fully participating and contributing to society.  The DR recently passed a law declaring that all those who have been in this country since 1929, including offspring have their documents reviewed.  Cancelling such ‘irregular’ documentation in effect leaves them undocumented in the only country that many have ever known and cancels their degrees and license to practice their careers.  This is not only for Haitians, though they are the primary group being reviewed.  This is a difficult and uncertain time for them. 

To highlight this a bit more, one morning I visited a church member to check her blood pressure.  She asked me to also check it for a young man who came by.  He is 31 years old and his blood pressure was quite high.  I encouraged him to get an appointment with a cardiologist to get a complete evaluation.  My friend told me later that he doesn’t have documentation, so can’t get a decent job and likely won’t be given an appointment.  He’ll only be seen in case of an emergency. 

Please pray for compassionate implementation of this law and hope for the many people living undocumented lives, be it here, in the US or elsewhere.  May God bless and guide you in all you do!