Chuck and Beth Bradshaw

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Theological education and music

Mityana, Uganda

About Us: 

Chuck and Beth Bradshaw are serve with the Church of Uganda. They live in Hulls Cove, Maine.  Their sending congregation is Church of Our Father, Hulls Cove, where Chuck served as rector from 1999 to 2012.

Chuck's birthday is July 20th and Beth's birthday is December 5th.

Our Ministry: 

The Bradshaws have been invited by the Bishop of Mityana, Uganda, to teach in the Bishop Lutaaya Theological College and Vocational Centre.  Chuck has been called to serve as the principal of the College and to teach Scripture and theology to locally trained pastors, lay readers, and youth ministers.  Beth will chair the music department and teach English.  Her natural gifts of organization will help Chuck with the administrative tasks in the College.

Our Calling: 

Chuck is a pastor s son, raised in a Christian home and educated in Christian schools.  While still a nominal church member, he felt attracted to missions.  In school he had excelled at the study of languages.  He had been blessed with opportunities to travel and establish relationships in unfamiliar cultural settings.  The more insurmountable and risky a task, the more motivated he was to prove he could accomplish it with his own inherent abilities.

After he committed his life to Jesus at age 31, his desire to be a missionary endured.  This time his incentive was to share with others the love and mercy he had received from God in Jesus s obedient life, saving death, and glorious resurrection, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  While still a new Christian, he applied to the Episcopal Church s Volunteers for Mission program, expecting to be sent to a far country.  Instead he was assigned to the refugee resettlement ministry of the Diocese of Long Island (NY), serving displaced people of more than 20 nationalities.  Although it was not an overtly evangelistic work, it did result in the addition of many Haitian immigrants (former Federal detainees) to the congregation in Brooklyn that was Chuck s base of operations, along with some Vietnamese and Cambodian refugees.

As a parish priest Chuck has tried to cultivate a World Christian perspective in the congregations he has served.  He has urged church members to pray for missionaries and give money to missions, and get involved in short-term missions.  Now, after participating in 2 short-term medical missions in Ecuador and a 2-month SAMS internship in Tanzania, Chuck senses the Lord drawing him to a longer-term commitment to missions.  A former SAMS missionary advised him not long ago,  You won t know until after you ve been in the receiving country for a while, exactly what it was the Lord sent you there to do.

For Beth, attending the 2010 New Wineskins Conference was an inspiration to serve as a missionary  because I want to dedicate my life to knowing Jesus and sharing Him with others.  I want to help people recognize the Lord guiding them in their life.   She finds opportunities to share her faith in her workplace and volunteering in the local county jail.  In her church she has been active in music ministry, children s ministry, a womens intercessory prayer group, and leadership on the Missions Committee.

We thank God for our 13  years of ministry with the Church of Our Father.  The generosity of friends and relatives who have already contributed to the mission.  The invitations received so far to make deputation visits.  The possibility of a good home for our dog, Cami, while we are in Africa.

Prayer Requests: 

For invitations to make deputation visits to congregations in Maine and other New England states.

  •   For a good beginning in the study of Luganda (the language).
  •   For God s provision for the Bishop Lutaaya Theological College.
  •   For young men and women in Mityana to hear and obey the Lord s call to ordained ministry and lay leadership.
  •   For the Ugandan Church s compassionate ministries to orphans and people living with AIDS.
  •   For evangelistic outreach to Muslim neighbors.


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