Missionary Care Fund

Purpose: This fund serves urgent, familial needs such as pastoral/counseling care (for example counseling, restorative care residential programs, critical incident stress debriefing teams, and similar services or programs designed to help individuals and their families), medical or family emergencies, bereavement leave, and other similar needs.

Vision: To see the sustainment of Christ’s servants by meeting urgent needs during crises and transition so that SAMS Missionaries can continue their calling over the long haul.

Values: Your Society is committed to the Great Commandment and values caring for the people with whom God entrusts us. Meeting these needs restores and strengthens servants to either return to their ministry or find new places of fruitfulness in their lives and for the Kingdom of God.

After returning from the mission field, SAMS recognized that we were burnt out. When we went to SAMS for help, they were able to meet our needs. If it was not for the Missionary Care Fund, we may not have been able to return to the field. 

John and Susan Park, SAMS Missionaries