Missionary Care Fund

On October 18, 2014, the board of the Society confirmed a commitment toward “development and growth opportunities.”  The vehicle identified was the Society’s Care Funds.  Historically, the Care Funds were focused on urgent, familial needs such as “pastoral/counseling care (for example counseling, restorative care residential programs, critical incident stress debriefing teams, and similar services or programs designed to help individuals and their families), medical or family emergencies, bereavement leave, and other similar needs.” To move more toward proactive care the board took a step in faith that would “ … reflect our commitment to the Great Commandment and our value of deeply caring for the people with whom God entrusts us. It is the desire of the Society to express this care in many ways, including financial assistance for proactive care and …. for pre-field training, for other training focused on helping the missionary to thrive, debriefing/re-entry programs, missionary retreats … and other similar needs.”

Ultimately, the original purposes of the Care Fund also feed into sustaining Christ’s servants for their calling over the long haul in meeting urgent needs during crises and transitions.  Continuing to meet these needs restores and strengthens servants to either return to their ministry or find new places of fruitfulness in their lives and for the Kingdom of God.