Michael and Anita Dohn

Mission in Dominican Republic

Michael and Anita Dohn

Associate Missionaries to Dominican Republic

Health Ministries

Michael and Anita Dohn

Michael and Anita started a successful and ongoing community health development project in the Dominican Republic. They continue their interest in proven methods of community health development especially in Latin America.

Home Church: Church of the Advent, Cincinnati, Ohio

You can email a missionary by using this format: firstnamelastname@sams-usa.org.

Michael and Anita Dohn

Cathy’s Caribbean Quarterly 10th Anniversary Edition

When I moved to the Dominican Republic 10 years ago, I didn’t know how long I would be here, and I still don’t know.  Throughout these 10 years, the ministry has morphed from primarily treating patients needing physical therapy, to primarily teaching Dominican physical therapy students, which certainly has a greater impact on how Dominicans are treating their patients.  God has been very active throughout these years here, preparing me all along through relationships established and experience gained for each phase of the ministry. 

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