Jonathan and Tess Hicks

Mission in Solomon Islands

Jonathan and Tess Hicks

Theological Ministry in the Solomon Islands

Mike and Linda Chapman

Jonathan is a professor at Trinity School for Theology in Malaita while Tess is involved in womens’ ministries.

Home Church: Christ the King, Birmingham, Alabama

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Jonathan and Tess Hicks

One Month Until Departure!

Last week Lynn and I authorized the purchase of my plane tickets to and from the Solomon Islands!  I am humbled and grateful for the financial support that has come in from individuals and churches.  Support raising did not always seem plausible/possible, but God has...

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Moving Forward

It is hard to believe it is mid-June!  Much has transpired since my last post.  Since graduating last month from Trinity School for Ministry I have been focusing my energy on raising for support for 6-months of Bridger service in the Solomon Islands with Jonathan and...

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