Jonathan and Tess Hicks

Mission in Solomon Islands

Jonathan and Tess Hicks

Theological Ministry in the Solomon Islands

Mike and Linda Chapman

Jonathan is a professor at Trinity School for Theology in Malaita while Tess is involved in womens’ ministries.

Home Church: Christ the King, Birmingham, Alabama

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Jonathan and Tess Hicks

The Chapel of the Martyrs of Melanesia

Overlooking the Airahu Campus is the Chapel of the Martyrs of Melanesia.  Here, morning and evening prayer is held seven days a week, and Holy Eucharist is celebrated on Thursdays and Sundays.  It is a beautiful blend of Melanesian and British cultures, just like many...

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Man-Made Islands

One of the most interesting cultural/geographical features I have seen in the Solomon Islands are the man-made reef islands that can be seen in and around various lagoons.  Many of the original builders/settlers of these islands were displaced from the bush-lands many...

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