Jeannie Loving

Mission in Honduras

Jeannie Loving

Social Outreach in Honduras

Jeannie Loving

Jeannie coordinates short-term teams as well as scholarships for rural school children, a demonstration farm and medical help for children.

Home Church: St. Peter’s Episcopal and Trinity Church, Lago Vista, Texas

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Jeannie Loving

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Missing Meri

On April 4, my sweet Meri died. I started this post a couple weeks ago, but it’s been hard to write; I think that writing it for the interwebs makes it a bit too real.
I am struggling with a bit guilt over this; she wanted breakfast at 2:00 am, and since…

On The Road /On The Run

A few weeks ago we packed the Subaru to the gills and pointed our rusty, I mean TRUSTY, steed south to the warm embrace of The Diocese of South Carolina. We had a number of appointments set up with youth leaders, rectors, and missions minded folks around Charleston, and enjoyed our…

Happy construction noises

Since yesterday afternoon, I have been serenaded by the happy sounds of heavy machinery beeping as it backs up, and motors grinding as the machines work. Yesterday, we begin to tarmac [pave] the campus, and it was a glorious day. Of course, students writing their exams may not have liked the…