David and Lucy Chaves

Mission in Kenya

David and Lucy Chaves

Associate Missionaries to Kenya

Social Ministries

David and Lucy Chaves

David and Lucy concentrated their efforts in Nairobi, Kenya on helping youth to develop a Biblical world view as well as business skills. They make frequent trips to Kenya to encourage those in the ongoing programs. They hope to develop further ministries in Western Kenya.

Home Church: The Falls Church Anglican, Falls Church, Virginia

You can email a missionary by using this format: firstnamelastname@sams-usa.org.

David and Lucy Chaves

Getting around the village

Public transportation has developed new forms. Fifty years ago, residents of Bungoma would walk for a whole day to reach Luanda, enjoying the beauty of Nyanza and sharing roast maize along the way. Today, there are a variety of efficient and affordable ways to get...

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