International Women’s Day in Toliara – March 8th, 2018

International Women’s Day in Toliara – March 8th, 2018











We celebrated Women’s Day, March 8th, in Toliara with over 1,000 women gathered for prayer at the Stadium.

Rev. Noel led the service, Bishop Todd spoke well of the women who have influenced his life, some of the Time to Dance songs were performed, and Patsy delivered the sermon in Malagasy. All in all, God was glorified.


Some of the women from the Diocese wearing their Mothers’ Union skirts

Love, Hope, Joy: Returning to Madagascar

Love, Hope, Joy: Returning to Madagascar

Come with me and I will make you fishers of men” and at once they left their nets and followed him.” Mark 1:17-18

At the Women’s Center in the Diocese of Toliara, Madagascar

Needlecraft, embroidery, crochet, and culinary arts are fulfilling hobbies for many of us. To women in Southwest Madagascar, skills gained in these crafts enable them to launch small businesses and lift their families out of poverty. God is using SAMS missionary Jacky Lowe to provide them the training that makes these transformations possible. Jacky first served in Madagascar as a Bridger. She was called to serve after hearing SAMS Missionary Rev. Patsy Mcgregor speak at the Diocesan conference in Flordia. Now, she will return there this March to serve long-term.

Jacky will train women in these crafts in the Diocese of Toliara.  When she was first there she says of her time, “For five weeks I lived in community with people who have nothing and are full of joy. I hope to carry that joy with me every day.” Now, carrying out that Joy, she prepares to return.

Teacher and students give what they have – knowledge and joy, willingness to work cross-culturally in community – and grow what they have established. Workshop students “go back to their parishes and teach the women there,” Jacky says.

Since last summer, new crafts are being taught. One, in particular, is bead and jewelry making. One young mother is able to take care of her child with the money she earns from making the beads.

Jacky (left) with Rev. Patsy McGregor

“A committee of women in Toliara, with SAMS Missionary Patsy McGregor’s help, sets standards and prices paid to women,” Jacky adds. “We hope, with time, that women throughout the diocese of Toliara will be able to develop work and leadership skills to provide for their families.” As she prepares to leave very soon, you can visit her SAMS page and consider praying and supporting her.

“Join us in a journey of hope, to empower the women and children of Madagascar to overcome poverty through education and the love of Jesus Christ.”

Support Jacky here. You can also support by check:

SAMS USA, PO Box 399, Ambridge, PA 15003
Checks should be payable to: SAMS USA; memo:  Jacky/women

by Howard McClellan, SAMS Staff

Jacky Lowe sets off for Toliara on March 17th!



Please hold Jacky in your prayers as she prepares to leave for Toliara on 17th March.





Jacky writes:  The journey continues as I prepare for mission work in Madagascar.

October 2017:  I completed the IMPACT course in Toronto Canada.  It was an amazing course on mission preparation including spiritual formation, culture, communication, personal issues, health, team building and God’s faithfulness.  I am well prepared for the mission field.

February 2018: I returned to Toronto for the Principles of Language Acquisition: Natural Tools and Strategies course (PLANTS).  An incredible course providing a proactive approach to learning a new language.  We studied  child like learning activities, grammar, semantics, and phonetics.  We spent 3 days in small groups with a  language helper learning a new language using methods outlined in the course.  It worked!  I have never successfully learned a second language, but at the end of the three days I had a small vocabulary and a few phrases that I could pronounce in Tagalog a Philippine language.

I am ready for my departure date of March 17.  Please continue to pray for me for safe travel and a smooth transition to life in Toliara.  My support raising still continues, no amount is too small.

Click on “Support Jacky”  to make ONLINE donations.  She still needs around $5,000 to cover the costs of her three years in Toliara
Mail checks to:     SAMS USA, PO Box 399, Ambridge, PA 15003
Check payable to: SAMS USA
In memo write:      Jacky/women