April Sylvester

Mission in Zambia

April Sylvester

Youth Ministry in Zambia

April is involved in an outreach ministry to Zambian youth that involves discipleship and mission training.

Home Church: Church of the Resurrection, Wheaton, Illinois

You can email a missionary by using this format: firstnamelastname@sams-usa.org.

FAQ: Questions I Get Asked a Lot

When I tell people I live in Africa, I get lots of questions. So let’s hit em hard.Where is Zambia?Central Southern Africa. Sandwiched in between Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zimbabwe.    What do you do in Zambia?I am a youth worker with a gap year program in a city…

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I Don’t Deserve This

It has been a long day. Two phone meetings, two in-person meetings, and a session of fundraising class. This season of my life is sending letters, emails, messages, texts, meeting with people, spreading the word about what we do in Zambia, and asking people to partner with me by praying and…

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